Vision, Mision, and Goals

  • Vision:

    To be the English Department that is excellence in the field of information and communication technology, has global perspective, has the spirit of entrepreneur, and is determined to be the centre of excellence in the field of linguistics and English literature supporting the national development orienteering to the interests of  public, nation, and state.

  • Mission:

    To render a modern, information and communication technology based higher education in the field of English language and literature based PIQIE organizational culture (Professionalism, Integrity, Quality, Information Technology, Excellence). It is performed in the conducive educational system and programs that rely on software, hardware, and entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship) by optimizing the existing resources based on the principles of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Goals:

    To yield graduates who are excellence in the field of English language and literature with the basis of information and communication technology, competent, reliable in the field of English language and literature, has the spirit of entrepreneurship, polite and virtuous, and is committed to advancing the nation and the state, as well as have faith and fear of God Almighty.


    The purpose of educational process of English Department is to yield graduates who are able to:

    • Understand and master the English language and literature studies together with their methodology.
    • Keep up with the scientific development of language and literature, particularly in English language and literature expertise. 
    • Carry on their role and functions in the dynamics of communication process and application of science, art, and technology, according to their area of expertise for the benefit of society.
    • Expand cultural perspective to accommodate the peculiarities of the nation's dynamic personality.
    • Collaborate effectively with colleagues and other professional colleagues to have sensitivity to issues within the society.